About Us

  • You need your business social media to be the best it can be.

  • You need it to attract followers who may become customers or clients.

  • You need it to increase awareness of your brand.

  • Ultimately, you need it to bring in new sales or leads.

At Socially Contented we’re all about putting the Social back into Social Media, and building an engaged community which will help you to do all those things. We can advise and support you in your efforts or we can take away the overwhelm with our done for you services, leaving you with the time you need to nurture those new relationships.

Hi, I’m Cathy

I’m Cathy Wassell, and I run Socially Contented.

We make sure everything you put on social media is On Brand & reflects the messaging on your website. Your social media channels are your digital shop window, visible to all, and what appears on them is important.

If you would like to contact me, you can email me or connect with me on LinkedIn. Send me a note so I know where you’ve seen me!

Over 5% of all referral traffic to websites comes from Pinterest.  

I am a mentor on the Mayor of London’s Business Development Programme run by London & Partners, and have run workshops for them at their office opposite the Tower of London and I have developed my own mentoring packages for small business owners waning to launch, market and grow their businesses.

    74% of Twitter users follow small businesses to get product updates.

    Our Story

    Socially Contented was founded because we heard from so many small business owners who didn’t properly understand how social media worked, and didn’t know how to increase or engage their social media following. In turn they didn’t know how to leverage their social media following to grow their business.

    We work remotely in a collective way, and we are all self-employed freelancers so you have

    • No training costs
    • No tax or national insurance costs
    • No holiday or sickness costs

    87% of pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest.    

    So, who are we?

    Well, Socially Contented was founded by Cathy Wassell.

    Cathy is a digital marketer with more than 25 years of experience, mostly in marketing for international retail.

    Cathy lives as far away from the coast as it’s possible to be, even though her heart belongs to the sea. Sob sob.

    She lived in Japan for three years and has a Masters Degree in Japanese which is now phenomenally underused. Having worked in social media for some time, she made the leap to go it alone and as her heart lay online, made the decision to specialise in social media consultancy. Socially Contented was born!

    In 2018 Cathy decided she wanted to upskill her already considerable Facebook Advertising skills, and signed up for Facebook Ad expert Emma Van Heusen’s Facebook Adcelerator course. Emma has trained with the best and been mentored by Facebook itself, so there’s no better teacher in the UK to learn everything Facebook Ad-y. Cathy is now comfortable deep in a sales funnel with a page of data tracking open in front of her!

    Cathy co-founded and ran a membership helping social media freelancers to launch and grow their businesses successfully. She now offers her own mentoring packages, supporting small business owners.

    She is also the CEO of the Autistic Girls Network and divides what time there is left between two demanding teens and two even more demanding dogs, the Socially Contented Spaniels. You might see them around, they get everywhere.

      Cathy likes cake, wine and cheese.

      Probably not all together but she’s not ruling it out.

      Cathy is an experienced marketer and she is constantly investing in her own development. She works with some fantastic coaches and is a firm believer that mindset is key to business success.

      Cathy has been an active member of the Content Marketing Academy (the CMA) and took the course World Class Communications: The Principles and Practice with Marcus Sheridan and Chris Marr from CMA.

      Social media is constantly changing and she makes every effort to stay on top of all the developments so that her clients can take advantage of new trends.

        The Team

        Cathy works together with an experienced Associate team who all offer specialities which allow Socially Contented to work to a broad marketing brief.

        59% of 18 – 29 year olds use Instagram.

        Why You Might Like Working With Us

        We’ve worked with a wide variety of clients, but what they all have in common is that we wanted to make them all satisfied customers!

        More than 120 million Instagrammers visited a website, got directions, called, emailed, or DM’d to find out more about a business from an Instagram ad  In March 2017.

        What They’re Saying

         I had a really urgent problem so sent Cathy a message and, within minutes, we were skyping and she not only sorted my problem but gave me a host of tips to take away. She was calm, kind and knowledgable. Highly recommended.


        Sarah Clay

        Social Media Manager

        As a small business owner it’s easy to get overwhelmed with social media. Cathy was great at sorting it all out and helped me streamline my pages. I can thoroughly recommend Cathy for all your social media management.


        Nikki Hollier

        Owner of Border in a Box

        Cathy is a top notch social media manager. She works to understand her clients and creates campaigns which engage their audience and get people talking. She is always up to date with the latest developments in a fast moving field and great at spotting PR opportunities – a real bonus.


        Rachel Extance

        Communications Consultant at Rachel Extance

        It was a pleasure to work with Cathy on the same team on planning and producing the inaugural #DMCollective Awards in December 2017. This was a multi-thousand-pound Fundraising event for Helen Rollason Cancer Charity.

        Cathy is the person behind the #GoWithThePro campaign idea and a well-connected professional that always takes the time to support anyone in her network. She has a very impressive background and experience and has helped me facilitate introductions and other direct contacts. Cathy is a proactive, result oriented and very responsible team member making sure she is always staying one step ahead of the social media game. 

        She is always ready to put all her energy and time to get the job done. Cathy is a person to turn to for any Social Media Management advice. Her focus keeps everything moving smoothly, she makes sure all the deadlines are met and makes sure that the highest standards are met.

        Cathy is a very ambitious team member with boundless energy who consistently delivers high-quality work.


        Ieva Busevica

        Freelance Social Media Manager & Graphic Designer

        Cathy has a very sensible and generous approach to social media – I would highly recommend her.

        Henry Peirse

        Co-Founder at PayDesk

        We’ve had the privilege of hiring Cathy on several occasions. As well as being easy to work with, friendly and always going the extra mile, Cathy’s knowledge of the most effective and productive way to use Social Media meant that she was able to hugely increase our followers and impact across our social channels. We would recommend Cathy to anyone looking for a professional, experienced freelancer.

        Mary Dunning

        Head of Customer Success at WeLikeToWork Ltd

        Cathy is a bona fide social media expert and respected Twitter influencer. She proved this while running the #GoWithThePro campaign on Twitter to help promote the inaugural #DMCollective Awards in December 2017. She was also integral to the planning and smooth running of the Awards. 

        Under Cathy’s expert guidance, #GoWithThePro, which is designed to encourage senior managers to take their brand’s social media seriously, went from an idea to a fully fledged and successful social media campaign in a matter of weeks. Starting from zero, @gowiththeprouk on Twitter attracted more than 1,000 followers in its first few weeks alone, through Cathy’s tireless commitment and influencer outreach.

        Cathy professional network was invaluable to us for securing sponsorship and giving the Awards authority. Without Cathy’s vision, hard work and contacts, the #DMCollective Awards would not have been able to raise the considerable amount for charity that we did.

        Nicole Andrew

        Freelance Social Media Manager & Copywriter

        Cathy is a highly skilled e-marketing and social media professional. She researches, plans, executes, creates and monitors well using all the tools she has at her disposal and provides a focused, yet flexible, responsive and reliable service. She went above the call of duty with our emerging charity, creating great content and engaging with our customers and service users. We trusted her with our brand and she did not take this responsibility lightly – she has developed the awareness of our businesses enormously and effectively marketed our services. We are indebted to her and have no hesitation is recommending her: if you want to take your organisation or business forward and develop an integrated social media and marketing strategy Cathy is the one you’re looking for.

        Thanks to you we receive frequent comments from agencies and supporters that our social media is among the finest in Edinburgh/Scotland/UK especially given the size of our organisation and the content we often failed to put your way. You’ve done a fantastic job and I am very grateful to you and digital mums for your support.

        Jonny Kinross

        CEO of Grassmarket Community Project