Facebook Ad Strateg& Management for the Budapest Festival Orchestra

The Budapest Festival Orchestra was founded 35 years ago by the Hungarian conductor and composer, Iván Fischer.  In 2015, an international panel of critics named the Budapest Festival Orchestra as one of the top ten orchestras in the world, thanks to their innovative approach to music, the dedication of their musicians and their continual pursuit for musical excellence.  The Orchestra has won two Gramophone Awards (known as the ‘Oscars’ of Classical Music) and has been nominated for a Grammy.

Socially Contented manage the British social media channels for the Budapest Festival Orchestra (including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook), and have set up and managed targeted Facebook Adverts to increase public awareness of the ensemble, helping the orchestra to achieve one of their key goals – to bring the beauty of classical music to every age group and stratum of society.

The organic audience growth figures for the Budapest Festival Orchestra clearly demonstrate the success we have had in ‘reaching out’ to a greater audience of individuals who share the orchestra’s passion for classical music.  On Twitter, followers of the BFO have increased by over 8400% in just 7 months, and our content is regularly seen by over 35,000 people per month on the platform.  Instagram has seen an increase of nearly 1700 followers in the same period via the use of highly targeted hashtags and engaging classical music related content.

Facebook has seen a 60% increase in the number of followers on the page, and through our highly targeted Facebook adverts (many promoting the Orchestra’s European 

tours), the monthly reach of the page hasincreased by over 1000%.  The Budapest Festival Orchestra now regularly sees as many as 12,500 positive engagements from it’s followers and interested parties on a monthly basis, significantly increasing public awareness of the ensemble throughout the world in a cost-effective manner.

Anna Tiszolczi-Bertalan
Marketing Manager
Budapest Festival Orchestra

Cathy started the Budapest Festival Orchestra’s Instagram and Twitter pages and took over the BFO Facebook page and has been achieving solid results across the channels ever since.

She dived into the classical music industry and picked up the knowledge quickly to run the pages professionally. She is approachable, constructive and reliable and we’ll continue to build up the momentum on all BFO channels by thinking together on innovative solutions.