How I increased sales and improved return on Facebook ad spend

The problem

Cheeky Rascals is a highly successful distributor of baby goods in the UK. They had taken on a US client who was running a Facebook ad campaign in the US and Australia, but had found their method was not translating into sales in the UK.

Their client was spending $35,000 a month on adverts on Facebook. But for every $100 they spent, they were only making $20 in sales. They were throwing money away week after week. 

This e-commerce company was a startup and there was a lot of pressure to get more sales. In response to the demand for more customers, their ad spend kept rising – but their sales did not.

Selina Russell, Founder and Director at Cheeky Rascals, had heard me speak at an event. She asked me to help their client create an effective Facebook advertising strategy and improve return on ad spend. 

The solution

I began by mapping out the customer journey from beginning to end. I also researched who the client’s optimum audience was. Identifying who potential customers for the product were enabled me to undertake rapid fire testing. This involved running a number of adverts with variations in terms of audience, videos, images, and copy to see which ones created the best Facebook ads

The results showed the most successful audience was one which the client had not been targeting. I then tested copy, images and videos with this audience to find adverts which got people clicking through to the website. 

Once I knew who the best-performing audience was, I asked the client to write new blogs which would appeal to this audience’s lifestyle and needs. They were selling a high ticket item with a specific USP and it was vital the campaign spoke to potential customers who would benefit from using it. 

I also utilised the client’s Amazon reviews. They had lots of great testimonials on Amazon which they were not using in their Facebook marketing. Their target audience responded to that all-important social proof.

The campaign used a two or three step funnel which introduced the product, encouraged the customer to learn more about it, and enabled them to make a purchase.

The result

My strategy cut monthly Facebook ad spend significantly and improved the return the client was getting on their investment. The client sold double the number of units during the course of my campaign. 

By targeting a smaller, more interested audience, the company stopped wasting money serving ads to people who were not in the market for their product. 

Sales of the product on Amazon increased, as well as direct sales on the website.

My client says 

Cathy’s strategic approach and knowledge of how to create successful Facebook ads helped our client target the UK market. This was a new area for them and Cathy looked at every aspect of the product with the customer in mind, from the message in the ads to user experience on the website. She made good use of customer reviews and created a great campaign which resonated with parents. 

Cathy has continued to provide us with consultancy. We’ve really benefited from her knowledge and expertise. We’ve learned a lot about the best way to advertise on Facebook from working with her. I highly recommend Socially Contented as a Facebook advertising agency.

Leonie Hayward

Marketing Manager, Cheeky Rascals