Unlock the potential of Facebook advertising

Set up correctly and as part of an informed strategy, Facebook Ads can yield impressive results. If you want to get started with Facebook Ads and understand exactly how the targeting and optimisation works, this is the course for you.

Facebook has accumulated a huge amount of data about its users which you can use to get your ads in front of your ideal clients or customers. Unlike other means of advertising, you can ensure that you are only spending money on the right people.

You will learn to interpret your results enabling you to be responsive and adjust your strategy in real time order to get the very best value from your ad spend.

Available for a Limited Time on Thinkific : £997

About Me


I run two businesses and I know just how difficult it is to launch, build and grow your business. Particularly when you’re in a service industry, whether you’re a coach, trainer, dentist, doctor, accountant, lawyer or in another niche, you need a steady stream of leads to replace satisfied clients. This lead stream already exists on LinkedIn, and I love helping people to discover it!

What’s my experience?

  • I am a business and marketing coach with 24 years’ marketing experience in marketing, the latter part of which has been mainly social media-based.
  • I am a mentor for the Mayor of London’s Business Growth Programme and a Facebook ad specialist
  • I have had extensive training in Facebook Ads from one of the country’s leading experts
  • I have written articles and guest blogs and have spoken both n podcasts and at live events on Facebook Ads
  • I am an experienced trainer used to helping people get the most out of a subject in an easy to understand way.


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What’s inside the Facebook Ads Leads Machine course?


  • Every week, for 8 weeks, you’ll receive new content including video tutorials, step by step guides and checklists showing you how to get the best very return on ad spend.
  • How to find your way around Ad Manager and Business Manager 
  • How to determine your goals and choose your campaign objectives around them
  • How to target your ads to ensure that they reach exactly your target audience
  • How to create high performing ads using scroll stopping creatives
  • How to write captions which please the algorithm
  • How, what and when to split test your ads
  • Learn about social proof, why you need it and how to use it
  • The Facebook Pixel – how to install it and use the data for wffective retargeting
  • Funnels, how they work and how to build them
  • How to measure success and when and how to react to a poorly performing ad
  • A dedicated Facebook group to ask any questions you may have and network with other professionals learning to get the best results from Facebook advertising.

“Cathy is hugely knowledgeable and whether you’re just getting started or are frustrated by your Facebook Ad performance, her course is exactly what you need. I wanted to learn more about audience targeting and not only did I find her advice easy to understand and follow but I have been able to put it into practise and am now regularly achieving relevance scores of 10 on my client’s ad account.”

Gemma Windham

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Facebook Ads Leads Machine course cost?

This course costs £997.

Is the Facebook Ads Leads Machine course right for me?

This course is right for you if

  • You are willing to put in the time to put the advice included into action

  • You would like to run Facebook ads for yourself or a client,
    you would like to learn how to get leads from Facebook Ads 

  • You have a small budget for ad spend – less than £2k per month

  • You are willing to make necessary changes on your website (or advise your client to do so) if your website is preventing Facebook Ad success

  • You want to run Facebook Ads that work

Is the Facebook Ads Leads Machine course wrong for me?

This course is wrong for you if

  • You don’t have time to put the advice into action
  • You don’t want to spend at least £5 a day on Facebook Ads when running a campaign
  • You don’t want to commit to monitoring your Facebook Ads campaigns, which will need tweaking and testing to get results
  • You expect results guaranteed – this is a tried and tested method, but results cannot be guaranteed. It depends on too many factors outside our control, and nobody can realistically guarantee results
  • You expect instant results. Facebook Ads is a longer game and you should wait for at least 3 months before expecting a Return on Ad Spend.
How much time do I need to dedicate to the course?

Each module will take a minimum of 30 minutes, and to give adequate time for building ads you should allow a minimum of 30 minutes per day. But this will depend on how many ads you are running, of course.

What if I don’t have an ad account yet?

That’s OK, this course will help you build up from the beginning.

I already have a profitable business, do I need the Facebook Ads Leads Machine course?

If you already have more business leads than you can handle, there’s no point in committing time and money to the course. But if you would like more leads or sales, this course can help you.

Is the course available straight away?

The course is available straight away and you will be given access to one module per week so that you aren’t overwhelmed with content. The course will be hosted on Thinkific.

Can I get personal help if I am having problems?

There will be a private Facebook group just for those on the course, to ask me any questions and chat with your peers.

What happens if I want to cancel the course?

There is a full refund if you are not happy within the first two modules. After further modules have been released to you, there will be no refunds allowed but I’m confident that you won’t want one.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at cathy@sociallycontented.com and I will be happy to answer them.