As a coach, would you like to build an evergreen sales funnel of new leads constantly coming to your business? I’m going to hazard a guess that the answer is yes. After all, no matter how good a coach you are, no client stays with you forever. In fact, the better a coach you are, the more successful your clients are likely to become!

How to build a sales funnel to constantly attract leads

Your coaching sales funnel could go something like this:

✔ Post a video on Facebook which gives some handy tips and showcases you as an expert. You will then have a video view audience to work with.

✔ Draw people into your email list by offering them a free opt-in such as a checklist they would find useful. These people are no longer a ‘cold’ audience but a ‘warm’ one. It goes without saying that anyone you market to in future must have agreed to receiving marketing from you in a GDPR-compliant way.

✔ Write a sequence of emails to send to this segment of your email list which shows your expertise, and gets them started to know, like and trust you. Each email should have a call to action, such a visiting your blog, and early emails in the sequence won’t be sales-y.

✔ Retarget website visitors and earlier video viewers using a variety of audiences and optimisations within Facebook Ad Manager.

Can you build an evergreen sales funnel of new leads?

Good question. And the answer is theoretically yes….but realistically no.

Why? Because if you keep sending content to the same customers they are going to get tired of hearing from you. If someone hasn’t at least booked a call with you after let’s say 10 touchpoints (that’s when they’ve read your blog, they’ve downloaded your opt-in checklist, they’ve interacted with you on Instagram etc.) then either they are never going to, or they are not in the market for a Coach at the moment.

So you need to replenish your supply of leads which is why you need the retargeting element in your sales funnel. The Facebook Ad Algorithm is so sophisticated that it can build another audience which looks like your saturated audience – it is full of people with the same interests and behaviours, and this ‘cold’ audience can start again at the top of your funnel.

So the funnel can’t be called evergreen, but you can keep on running it to different audiences. And if you want to continue showing content to your original audience it will need to be new content, so you need to commit to keep creating content – this is something you are hopefully doing anyway as part of a content marketing strategy. Your funnel must serve both cold and warm audiences, so that you don’t run out of leads who are ready NOW to invest in your coaching services.

Your target audience:

✔ 5% of them may be ready to invest now

✔ 95% of them won’t be, but they have been interested enough to click

✔ You need to nurture this audience – feed them with blogs, tip videos and engagement on social media

✔ Build up their trust with you so that when they ARE ready to invest in coaching YOU are the coach they contact

How can you consistently find new leads?

In order to constantly have enough people feeding into the top of your funnel (and remember, it’s inevitable that people will drop out of your funnel no matter how mesmerising and fantastic you are!), you need to provide the new content mentioned above. This could be a new video or a webinar that you could automate. Create something new (or swap things about among a collection of videos like this) every 6-8 weeks.

You’ll also need to be shouting about the video or webinar all over your social media, and advertising it over whatever channels you use, so that you are getting plenty of leads going in to the top of the funnel. These leads are unqualified, but as they spend time going through your funnel and consuming your content you are slowing qualifying them. If they are still with you when they are ready to buy or jump on a call they will count as a red-hot lead!

How does the sales funnel work?

Now that you’ve got a steady stream of cold leads, they can start feeding through your funnel. This will be partly email marketing – remembering to always ask for an action at the end of every email, whether that be contacting you if they have any questions in the first emails to asking for the sale in the later ones. It will also involve retargeting within Facebook Ad Manager, and excluding groups who have already been in the early part of your funnel so that they don’t see the same thing again.

The more expensive your coaching programme, the longer your funnel is likely to be, and of course the higher lifetime value each lead might potentially be worth. I’m not going to lie, funnels are complicated and time-consuming and there’s the potential to lose money if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why I’m here if you’d like to learn more in a Power Hour or get your ads managed on a retainer basis. You can view more on my website.