Messenger Bot Package

Messenger bots

With the integration coming between Messenger and What’s App (both owned by Facebook), messenger bots are here to stay. There are over 300,000 of them on Facebook but they are still highly under-used and open rates are much much higher than for other forms of marketing. 300,000 is actually less than 1% of businesses on Facebook!

So what are chatbots?

A chatbot is a piece of software that is either pre-programmed or powered by AI to have conversations with people. These interactions are usually text-based, although they can be vocal  through conversational interfaces.

Why use chatbots?

Why spend time and money developing a chatbot offering for your customers?

  • Chatbots have a 73% satisfaction rate.
  • By 2020 it has been predicted that 83% of B2C (Business to Customer) interaction will take place via messenger bot.
  • A HubSpot experiment found that content delivered through messenger bot had an open rate of 80% and a click rate of 13%. The same content via mail had an open rate of 33% and a click rate of 2.1%.
  • Your customers are getting more used to chatbot interaction by using digital assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri.
  • A chatbot offers 24/7 customer service.
  • A chatbot can personalise customer interaction.
  • Chatbot conversations can save businesses money. According to the CCW Digital Special Report, they will save businesses almost $8 billion in productivity by 2020. 

If you’d like a done for you service to set up a messenger bot on your Facebook page or website, or within Facebook Ads, our team can help. A chatbot needs a variety of conversation ‘flows’ and sorting them all out can make your brain turn to a plate of spaghetti if you’re not careful!

By 2020 it has been predicted that 83% of B2C (Business to Customer) interaction will take place via messenger bot.

Setup package – £550 plus VAT (Less than a week leadtime)

    • Setup of Messenger Bot
      • FAQs
      • Services or Products
      • Opening hours
      • Location
      • Testimonials and Case Studies
      • Contact
      • Connect with Agent
      • Tagging
      • Default Reply
      • Keywords
      • Integration with auto-responder
      • Data Collection
    • Messenger Bot widget in the website (WordPress)

Maintenance package – £550 plus VAT per month

  • Monthly updating of content
  • Update of Tags
  • Keyword Learning
  • 3 Promotional Flows
  • 2 Broadcasts
“Thanks to you we receive frequent comments from agencies and supporters that our social media is among the finest in Scotland.”

Jonny Kinross

CEO, Grassmarket Community Project