Our previous blog listed 10 tips to help you be more productive in your social media for business. This one is going to look at specific apps to save you time across your business day and beyond.


Todoist combines a to do list with a task/project management tool which stretches across 10 platforms. You can collaborate with friends or colleagues on shared projects. The uncluttered and striking design makes it a pleasure to use. And what’s more, it’s free!

Bookmarking tool

Pocket is the world-leading free save-for-later tool with over 22 million users. It works across platforms, so you can see something interesting on your mobile in the morning and find it on Pocket on your desktop the following day. You can save items to read later without the need to download them. Pocket Explore is a useful addition of searchable articles on interesting topics.


There are a few different apps which act as timers for the Pomodoro Technique – a way of working in 25 minute blocks to maximise focus. Pomodoro Keeper is one of our favourites, it’s simple and quite intuitive with an easy to understand intro. And the basic edition is free.


Dropbox is a cloud file storage system used by over 500 million people around the world.  The basic version is free and accessible from any device. Secure file storage becomes more and more important as we carry on creating more files.


Buffer is just one of the tools available to help you get some control over your social media posting. The basic version is free, and will allow you to schedule your social media posts to go out at the best times for your audience, taking away the need for you to post them at that time. It can be a great time-saver to sit down and do a job lot of posts for a couple of hours. To read more about other scheduling tools available you could read our blog here.

Graphic Creation

Canva is a great free graphics tool. The basic version can be limited but there is loads you can do even at this level. For graphics for all your social media posts, headers for your blogs, flyers, even for business cards, Canva is a highly useful free tool which will save you time.

White Noise

Noisli is a free app which cuts out annoying background noises and lets you stay focused on the task at hand. It can be used either for productivity or for relaxation and de-stressing.

Improve your Writing

Hemingway is a free app to improve writing. Cut the time you spend agonising over your copy for blogs or social media posts and check it in the app to see where improvements can be made.


The free app Freedom is an internet, social media and app blocker. It will block specified websites and apps so that you can stay focused on the tasks you need to be doing, and make you much more productive in the process.

Time Management

RescueTime tracks time spent on social media to help you understand your daily habits so that you can focus and be more productive. You can set alerts to inform you when too long has been spent on a particular activity.


We hope this has given you some ideas for apps which might be useful to improve your productivity. Let us know how you found them or if you have other great suggestions – obviously there are alternatives in each sector and we had to pick just one!

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