Running out of ideas on what to post on your business social media channels? We’re going to presume that you already have a social media marketing strategy. If you don’t, read this. And we’re going to presume you already have a social media marketing schedule or some kind of content calendar. If you don’t that may be why you’re struggling, so have a read here.

What is the best content to post on my business social media channels?

Naturally all businesses are different, and the content which works for an accountant is not going to be the same as the content which works for a trampoline park. However, there are specific types of content which work well and you can adapt them to your particular niche. Follow these tips to post content with more chance of engagement with your audience every time.

  • KEEP IT SHORT. How short will depend on the channel (Twitter will only allow you 140 characters anyway), but too much text will mean you lose readers. Make every word count.

  • ASK A QUESTION. Make your posts interactive by posing questions your followers will want to answer and start a conversation. Other great ways to get interaction can be to create a poll, or post about a decision you need to make such as a choice between two logo designs. People love to give their opinions!

  • INCLUDE A CALL TO ACTION. Make sure you let people know how they can act on your post, eg. read your blog, click the link etc. Add clarity to your posts and make sure to give your followers (polite!) directions.

  • BE A TEASE. Don’t give everything away in the first sentence. If you have a new blog, get people guessing so that they want to click and read the full version, which gets traffic to your website.

  • USE IMAGES. With the exception of LinkedIn where the jury is out at the moment on the possibility of images not working as well, all channels work better with great visuals. These can be images which are taken from an article you are posting or images you have made yourself. Try using something like Canva which really takes the hard work out of graphic design and is very accessible for even the most design-challenged! You could plan a whole series of content around top tips for your industry, motivational quotes, behind the scenes photos around an event, infographics.

  • BE MORE HUMAN. People buy from people. Show the human side of your business with posts about your employees, about fun things that have happened in the office, or about causes important to your staff. Let your imagination run riot!

  • BE POSITIVE. Nobody likes a moaner. Keep your posts positive and go out of your way to find inspirational content to post. It always gets good engagement and contributes to a feel-good factor around your account and therefore your brand. Being positive and inspirational is a pretty good thing for a brand to be!

  • USE VIDEO. Opinions differ on the exact figure, but it’s estimated around 80% of content is going to be video by 2020. Start using it more now, so that you’re an expert by then. It could be testimonials from any customers who agreed to be filmed, behind the scenes posts, excerpts from events – anything goes as long as it’s entertaining.

If you stick to these types of content you will definitely see some good engagement with your audience across your pages. Let us know how it goes, we’d love to hear from you!

The next blog will be on content collation tools so if you’d like some help finding that elusive entertaining content just wait patiently and all will be revealed.