You might be wondering what the story is behind the business (or you might not, in which case navigate away now!). We believe people interact with people, not with business names, so we’re more than happy to offer an insight into our little corner of the internet.

Founder Cathy Wassell worked for the same international company for 19 years, in sales and marketing. She worked from home and was very happy to do so, firmly believing that flexible working was the future for many jobs, and additionally a way to ensure a better work life balance. Balanced workers equal happy workers!

After 19 years however, redundancy loomed. It came at a difficult time and meant a house move was necessary, so a lot of upheaval in Cathy’s family. She decided that she didn’t want to work for another company that could shed staff after 19 years of loyalty, and that she still wanted to work from home, (the Socially Contented Spaniels needed to be walked every day after all) so the logical answer was to use her experience to offer businesses her marketing experience in a direct way.

Marketing had been gradually changing, and social media was becoming more and more important so Cathy decided to enrol on the award-winning Digital Mums Strategic Social Media Manager course. It’s a 6 month course which needs previous marketing, PR or journalism experience and pairs you with a programme partner for real time social media management experience on a campaign. Cathy was paired with inspirational Edinburgh charity Grassmarket Community Project, who is still one of her clients.

The Digital Mums course was, frankly, bloody hard work! And you can read more about it here. But it gives graduates both an excellent base to go out and get some more social media management experience and a group in the form of the DM Collective where you can ask anything about anything and someone will know the answer. The Digital Mums family is tremendously supportive and if you employ a Digital Mum you are also getting the support of the DM Collective!

After the course Cathy founded Socially Contented, and worked hard at both finding new clients and growing her business. Eventually she couldn’t manage on her own and needed to outsource, but luckily she has a ready made pool of highly trained and experienced social media managers in the form of Digital Mums! Her plan is that all her clients will be serviced by Digital Mums graduates.

It’s also important to Cathy that she outsources on a flexible basis. Digital Mums used the hashtag #WorkThatWorks on one of their campaigns and it has stuck – start to type the hashtag on to Twitter and you’ll find it pops up. Flexible working is very important to Digital Mums and to Cathy also – there is no reason at all why the work of a social media manager can’t be completely remote. Social media is also totally flexible, and monitoring it is not a 9-5 job. Some evening work is absolutely essential (think Twitter chats for a start) and an awareness of what is going on in the world is always necessary. Some terrible events mean that you might want to stop posting on your channels and it’s important that this happens before a post that might become insensitive goes out. Unfortunately terrible events aren’t restricted to business hours.

So a flexible, remote working marketing business was born.

If you’d like to know more about working with Socially Contented, have a look here.