Strategy & Consultation

We love to help you grow your business.

We can analyse gaps in your marketing plan & create a roadmap which will provide a review of your marketing so far. The markers on this roadmap will help your business to get the most out of social and grow.

We will examine all your current marketing tools, data and both qualitative and quantitative results to create a strategy which you can follow to  grow and connect with your online audience to build the know, like and trust factor which will lead to sales.

Your strategy will need to be adaptable because one thing is certain in the world of social media – change happens. Platform algorithms change at the drop of a hat, and that can make a huge difference to the size of your audience. Depending on your objectives, we can provide a strategy which will be manageable for you and your colleagues at the most efficient cost.

The strategy document will encompass your current and future marketing objectives taking into account:

  • Your target audience – we will create specific user personas which will represent your ideal customer. Marketing copy can then be crafted with them always in mind.
  • Your brand tone of voice – is it educational, serious, funny?
  • The social media channels best for your brand and audience
  • Your products and services and your routes to market
  • Your business goals and objectives
  • Your current overall marketing plan
  • Your competitors
  • Your ‘why’
  • Content you’re currently producing & what is possible

We believe that your customers only want to talk to authentic, responsive brands who say the kind of things they want to hear. Building a relationship with them as a brand they trust is the key to all future dealings.

Even though you may also be considering Paid Social (and indeed you should definitely have a Facebook Advertising budget if you are posting on a Facebook business page), you need organic reach too to advertise cost-effectively.

90% of marketers believe their social media marketing has increased awareness of their business, and 75% say traffic has increased.

“As a small business owner it’s easy to get overwhelmed with social media. Cathy was great at sorting it all out and helped me streamline my pages.”

Nikki Hollier

Owner, Border in a Box

“Thanks to you we receive frequent comments from agencies and supporters that our social media is among the finest in Scotland.”

Jonny Kinross

CEO, Grassmarket Community Project

Only 13% of small businesses use social media for communication with their customers.

“Cathy’s knowledge of the most effective and productive way to use Social Media meant that she was able to hugely increase our followers and impact across our social channels.”

Mary Dunning

Head of Customer Success, WeLikeToWork

Social Media Strategy Report.

In line with your existing marketing and branding strategy.

This standalone Social Media Marketing Strategy Report will give you a clear series of actionable tasks to start strategically posting on your social media channels. We will create three user personas with direction on the right channels, the different segments of content which would appeal to them and the brand voice that your business should use.

There will be a six month plan to give you a headstart on building your engaged community.

We will discuss and brainstorm together over Zoom to us to go away and create an informed strategy report uniquely for your business.

From £2000         

96% of consumers find video helpful when making purchasing decisions.

Power Hour Consultations

59% of Americans with social media accounts think that customer service is easier and quicker through social media.

Power Hour Consultations.

Not seeing the results you’d like from social media?
Want to use your LinkedIn profile to unlock it’s potential for lead generation?
With a Power Hour we can:

  • Look at your campaigns to evaluate their performance, identifying areas where you can improve and providig solutions to any problems you may be having
  • Work together on your social media strategy, taking into account your goals, audience and availability of content
  • Offer actionable advice on how to optimise your LinkedIn profile and use it effectively to generate warm leads for your business 
  • Dive into setting up a Facebook Ad – you might want to look at targeting and audience behaviour with some help the first time?

We will spend time before the consultation looking at your channels and your competitors, so be ready to provide all this information beforehand.

These consultations are carried out remotely over Zoom, and if you wish, we can send you a recording of the call.

We only do a few of these per month,  so spaces are limited.


Social media management

If you don’t have the time, inclination or expert knowledge to run your own social media channels we offer complete done for you packages, where you only need to provide regular images, or Facebook Lives, dependant on your business.

Our social media channel management includes:

  • In person or virtual meeting with you to nail the brand identity, user personas, tone of voice and brand message.
  • Initial period of social listening, competitor monitoring and industry research to ensure that when we begin posting we will post in your brand tone of voice from the beginning.
  • Curation and creation of appropriate content according to a schedule and content piechart we have prepared, subject to your initial approval.
  • Identification of key influencers.
  • Engagement with your audience. (This is key, and what takes the most time. Platform algorithms won’t show your posts to people if you are not creating engagement. Other agencies will offer cheaper channel management, but check to make sure significant engagement is included. Just liking a few posts is very definitely not enough.)
  • 15 minute weekly call to check in

Monthly report looking at analytics and advising what’s working and what’s not.

80% of US advertisers said that ‘brand equity’ and ‘audience quality’ were improved by advertising in brand-safe environments.


One Social Media Channel

All of the above for one channel from the following:


£550 pcm

Two Social Media Channels

All of the above for two channels from the following:


£950 pcm

Three Social Media Channels

All of the above for three channels from the following:


£1400 pcm

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